Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Raw Food News

Shadow & Light: Your Soul Year
I have a lot to tell you about today so I am just going to jump in! First, I want to introduce you to a project that I just completed with my dear friend, Amy Oscar. Her words have always taken my breath away. She wites in a way that speaks to your heart and opens your mind.
We took her words and combined them with my images to create a beautiful card set for your thoughts and inspiration.
This is a month-by-month card set created to help deepen and strengthen your life journey.
We’ve designed this card set to be open-ended and undated. Though the images are seasonal, the messages and the journey are eternal. The set can be picked up at any time of year – or in years to come. They will become a friend, a refuge. Make yourself a cup of tea, sit down with the beautiful image and meditate on the words.
Use the cards to stimulate questions, to deepen your personal spiritual practice, or as journaling and discussion prompts. Carry a card in your pocket. Keep them on your night table or your desk.
With my beautiful nature photography, the set arrives in a clear plastic jewel case (like a CD). It contains 12 cards – one for each month – each bearing a theme – and a soul activity – that is both seasonal and timeless.
For more pictures, information and to order, click here: Your Soul Year
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Last night, I had the honor of being interviewed by Cher Till. She has a weekly radio show, “Healthy Shots with Cher”  about raw food and health. If you would like to listen to a rebroadcast of the show, you will find it here: Healthy Shots with Coach Cher. There is a quick commercial and the show will start. Thanks so much to Cher for a wonderful hour filled with interesting questions and fun!
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Last, I am so excited to let you know that The Best of Rawmazing 2009/2010 is almost ready to be released. It is a collection of all of the recipes on the site with beautiful pictures, chapters on setting up your kitchen, kitchen equipment, ingredients, etc. I have had so many requests to put all of the recipes in one place, and I am finally doing it. It is over 250 pages of fun, food and facts! Keep your eyes out for more information!
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