Monday, September 27, 2010

Raw Food Boston - Resources for Eating a Raw Food Diet in Boston

Where to Find Raw Food in Boston
If you're looking for raw food in Boston, one of the best places to buy is Whole Foods. Whole Foods is the largest (and most well-known) organic food market. There are two Whole Foods locations in Boston--one store is located in the Charles River Plaza, at 181 Cambridge St, and the other store is located at 15 Westland Ave.
How to Buy Raw Food--Fresh From Your Local Farmers
You can also buy raw food from local farmers through a program called a CSA. CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture." When you join a CSA, you'll receive a box of fresh produce each week from local farmers. Local CSA's in the Boston/Cambridge area include: Three Sisters Farm, Red Fire Farm, and Drumlin Farm. To find a CSA near you, visit Local Harvest's website.
Raw Food Restaurants Worldwide--Including a Raw Restaurant in Beverly
Over the last 5 years, more raw food restaurants have opened their doors, as consumers seek healthier alternatives to the destructive American diet of processed foods and excess fat. Raw food restaurants are a great way to eat healthy when traveling. If you want a list of raw food restaurants worldwide (including one raw food restaurant in Beverly), please see the resource box at the end of this article.
Raw Food Support Groups in Boston
The best way to succeed on a raw food diet is to have people who encourage and support you. Consider forming a "raw food potluck" group in Boston, where you can talk and eat with other raw food vegans. There are currently 61 people in Boston who want a raw food Meetup group. (Visit Meetup's website for more information.) You can also join "The Boston Vegan Meetup Group" for support and friendship.
Whatever you do, try to incorporate more raw foods into your diet. Your body will thank you!

Emily Rutherford has been eating a raw vegan diet since 2003. She publishes The Raw Food Restaurant Guide, which includes up-to-date listings of raw food restaurants worldwide, plus where to buy organic produce when traveling. To grab your free copy, visit The Raw Food Restaurant Guide.

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