Wednesday, October 18, 2017

5 Sex Facts That Need to be Forgotten

There are certain things that we all think we know about sex. These lessons are imparted by ex-lovers, friends or simply through what is deemed as common knowledge. However, there are a number of sex ‘facts’ that you would do well to forget.

1. Men find foreplay mind-numbing

Men get turned on quickly. That is a fact, but it’s a mistake to believe that they always want to skip the hors d’oeuvres and dive straight into the main meal. In fact, many men (around 34% according to Men’s Health) claim, when it comes to bedroom techniques, they are most proud of their foreplay skills.

2. The louder you are, the better

Of course, we all like a little vocal encouragement during sex. However, too much noise, especially if it’s insincere, can be a real turn-off. If surveys are to be believed, approximately 50% of all women have faked an orgasm on at least one occasion.
The truth is that men tend to be more keyed into your arousal than you think, so he’ll be well aware of your ‘acting’. And, even on the occasions when you manage to fool a man, you’re only really cheating yourself.

3. Guys want to sleep with women who behave like porn stars

Almost all men watch porn. It’s a fact and one that some women are perplexed by this. Regardless of your views on pornography, the fascination men have with it indicates, to us girls, that those writhing, rough, loud, permanently horny women portrayed on screen are what men want in real life.
Oddly though, it isn’t true in most cases. Many men regard porn for exactly what it is: A fantasy. They don’t necessarily want to re-enact what they view on screen.

4. All men love a little anal play

While it is true that for many men, anal play is a huge turn-on it’s not necessarily the case. This is especially true when it comes to playing with his anus. There are many men who love to have their anus touched, licked and penetrated, but don’t assume a new lover will enjoy it. If you want to explore this particular avenue, it’s a good idea to take things slowly. And watch for his reactions. Of course, another route might be to discuss his feelings towards anal play.

5. His penis is where it’s all at

Naturally, the penis is a man’s numero uno erogenous zone, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only spot that’ll get his motor racing. His nipples, buttocks, inner thighs, neck, ears and navel are all hot spots, too.
Just as you love to have a little variety in where his fingers, mouth and tongue wander, so he’ll enjoy you mixin’ things up a bit. One area that should not be ignored, is his testicles. This is a hugely sensitive area and almost all men love to have their testicles played with. However, because they’re super-sensitive to pleasure, they’ll also super-sensitive to pain, so handle with care!

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